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World's Biggest Thambura


A picture speaks louder than words. Seeing something is believing. Any amount of description, any number of adjectives cannot do adequate justice to the giant world’s biggest Thambura that C. Natarajan and his son Vinod Natarajan of Shiva Musicals Malleshwaram have created, who are also creators of world’s biggest Maha Saarvabhowma Veena.
Giant Thambura has carved out of a single log sawn from a Rain-Tree Thambura has a great tonal quality not to mention excellent art work depicting Mysore Dasara on it. It is an unbeaten unbeatable record in the history of Musical Instruments throughout the world. Bigger by ratio of 1:3 than ordinary Thambura, this colossal Thambura is eleven (11) feet long and its resonator is ten (10) feet radius. A number of interesting features adorn the Thambura.
First of all on the Top plank pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and lord Ganesha have been beautifully in-laid (carved) surrounding the Shiva Musicals emblem (A lady in sitting posture holding a Thambura in silhouette) with the immortal first line of Tyagaraja’s Pancharatna “Endaro Mahanubhavulu Andariki Vandanamulu”.
The whole Thambura has been carved in National Theme, the Bridge on which the strings pass is borne by our National bird Peacock, in the place of the beads which increases or decreases the pitch National animal Tiger are used to move up and down.

On the top of the dandi National flower Lotus, National game Hockey, tional fruit Mango, National tree Banyan, and National anthem. At the end, Thambura is topped by our National emblem of four Sarnath Lions.The side of dandi has been decorated with a series of murals depicting the world famous Mysore Dasara procession. The procession commensces with Infantry carrying the royal flags, gun-bearing soldiers, the mythical bird-royal insignia of Gandabherunda, silver chariot carrying the family deity drawn by bulls, sword bearing soldiers follow one by one.
Camels, white horses carrying the royal umbrella, flag-bearers, musicians and instrumentalists mounted on Elephants playing bugles and drums, men carrying dusters to fan away dust Camels, umbrella – bearers precede the main attraction of the procession, namely the maharaja on the palanquin, followed by flower basket bearers (florists).

The jumbo savaari on the Elephant, musicians playing instruments, umbrella and flag bearers, swords-bearing soldiers, walls past majestically. Flag bearers, Elephant dusters, more instrumentalists, more flag-bearers, the Royal Kalasa (sacred water in a small pot like vessel, meant for pooja) being borne by a white Horse, describe the rear end of the Dasara procession. The resonator is decorated by the music trinity, dancers in attractive stance and in the back of resonator picture of lord Nataraja adorn the pot followed with the lines “Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara” could be seen.

The under side of the dandi is used to depict our National song “ Vande Mataram” followed by saint Purandara Dasaru and Kanaka Dasaru.Such a graphic description of the Dasara-our own cultural festival and National theme, depicted on the divine instrumrnt Thambura (carried by sages Narada and Tumburu worshipped by sages Purandara Kanaka, Tyagaraja and others), is a great feat achieved by any craftsman.

Length : 11 Feet Width (Kodam) 3 Feet
Height (Kodam) : 3 Feet
Dimension (Kodam) 10 Feet
Weight : 150Kg

Length : 4 Feet Width (Kodam) 1 Feet
Height (Kodam) : 1 Feet
Dimension (Kodam) 3 Feet
Weight : 10Kg.

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