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World's Biggest Veena


The Mahasaarvabhowma veena, made out of a single wood (log) is the first of its kind in the world. This is not only special with respect to its size but also its aesthetic looks and spiritual scences. With the sole intention of furnishing the detail regarding the instrument, the part-wise details regarding the carving etc., is furnished as under.

a) Ganapathi is carved on the plank to please the god who is worshipped at first. Lakshmi and Saraswathi the Goddesses of wealth and learning are found in the two circles carved on the plank. we could find the monogramof the “SHIVA MUSICALS” with a lady palying thambura, along with that in the arch type carving the greatline from saint ‘THYAGARAJA’s immortal composition “ Pancharatna Kritis ” is carved and that is “ ENDARO MAHANUBHAVULU ANDARIKI VANDANAMULU”. on the other side in the front portion ofr the plank two temple towers and pots are carved.
b) On the left side of the pot (kodam)the carvings of the great musical trinity ofKarnatic music Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar , Sri Thyagaraja and Sri Shama Shastri can be seen. on the other side of the pot the celebrated saints Kanakadasa , Sri Raghavendra and Sri Purandara Dasa is found. On the back side of the pot cosmic dancer lord Nataraja is seen on the other side of the pot (kodam) the great Gods and Godesses Anjaneya, Subramanya and Rajarajeshwari is carved.
c) The bird called “GANDA BHERUNDA” with two heads (a rare phenomenon) the state bird of Karnataka is affixed to the plank.
d) The bridge: This is designed in a special aesthetic way consisting of four elephants made out of rose wood.
2. Dandi : At the reed board bottom (dandi), on the left side we find the gods representing natural seven notes (Sapthaswara) AGNI(Sa) BRAHAMA(Ri) SARSWATHI(Ga) ESHWARA(Ma) VISHNU(Pa) GANAPATHI(Da) SURYA(Ni). On the other side the representation of seven notes relating to the voice of the animals and birds i.e., PEACOCK(Sa) BULLOCK(Ri) GOAT(Ga) KROUNCHA(Ma) CUCKOO(Pa) HORSE(Da) ELEPHANT(Ni) are carved . Below a man on Butterfly and lotus are carved . On the one side of the reed board strip western instruments and on the other side Indian instruments are carved, at the center of the reed board the monogram of Shiva Musicals with Harmonium and Violin on either side of it could be seen. The strip attached to reed board is in the shape of the pluck of Peacock found there in.
3. Neck : On either side of the neck portion the name of the manufacturer “Karnataka Kalashree Chinnappa Natarajan” is engraved, on the one side poet Kuvempu and the other side Tiruvalluvar are portrayed. On the neck top father of the Nation MAHATHMA GANDI along with that the National Flag is also shown in the map of India, and the National Symbol ASHOKA Chakra are engraved. The Karnataka state is specifically indicated separately. At the end of the neck a lady paying respects (namaskar) is carved.
4. Yali: The end portion of the veena consists of the dragon with the globe in its mouth.
5. Small Pot (Burude) : A big prabhavali and om on either side are carved on the neck portion Vidhana Soudha the seat of the Karnataka Government , the portraits of the great Engineer Dr. Sir M. Visveswaraiah, the architect of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda with sword the monogram of Shiva Musicals is carved on one side.

6. The Rests : The Veena is made to rest on two stands in the shape of lotus. On the bigger rest, the wonders of the world are engraved. On the eight petals of the Lotus, with the portrait of the great saint Swamy Vivekananda. The Smaller one contains the slogans ‘Coming together is beginning’, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success are engreaved.

Length - 305cm
Width (Kodam) - 76cm

Height (Kodam) - 74cm
Dimension (Kodam) - 225cm
Length of Dandi - 128cm
Frets - 12mm
Weight - 70Kg
Left Stand (Burude)
Height - 46cm
Dimension - 144cm


Length - 132cm
Width (Kodam) - 36cm

Height (Kodam) - 33cm
Dimension (Kodam) -115cm
Length of Dandi - 62cm
Frets - 6mm
Weight - 10Kg
Left Stand (Burude)
Height - 23cm
Dimension - 82cm

Considering all the above aspects and features of the “ Sarvabhowma Veena” indeed a unique contribution to entire Musical World.

Dedicated & Placed in Sri Shringeri Sharada Peetam ( Guru Nivas ) On 11-06-2003

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